Keep These Things Out of Your Garage, Even After You Add Storage


Everything in your garage is neatly organized in clear plastic tubs all properly labeled and stored on ceiling to floor shelving. Seldom used seasonal items are on the highest shelves, with those things you need on a regular basis conveniently located on the middle and bottom shelves. But in everything you read about how to organize your garage, did any of … [Read more...]

What a Personal Organizer Can Teach You About Keeping Your Home Neat


When it comes to installing a new kitchen sink you hire a professional plumber. Need landscaping advice? You call a lawn maintenance service. So why not contact┬áCalifornia Closets-Kansas City for all your home organizational needs? Research has shown the majority of people only use twenty percent of their total possessions. Begin by going through each … [Read more...]

Bring Sophistication and Contemporary Flair to Your Closet Design

Source: California Closets

You devote so much time, effort and energy in designing your home and then you leave your closets to chance. That might work in the foyer coat closet or the guest bedroom, but what about your master suite closet? Your master closet can easily become a balance between functionality and style by keeping these few simple suggestions in mind. Remove … [Read more...]