What’s Between You and a Clean House?


You want a clean house but for some reason when it comes to reducing clutter in your Kansas City home you have a difficult time figuring out why you continue to hold onto all those books, clothes and tchotchkes. These tips might just make letting go a bit easier. Take the phrase "I may need it someday" out of your vocabulary. Donate it, sell it or throw … [Read more...]

Incredible Ways Built-in Storage Can Transform a Home

custom built-in storage

Adding built-in storage units in some unusual places can provide much need additional storage as well as bring an unique touch to the entire space. Often when you think modern decor you envision an open floor plan with minimalistic touches. For both added storage as well as a creative room divider consider installing an oversized custom closet … [Read more...]

Create a Craft Room Set-Up to Inspire


This is the perfect time of the year to get your craft room organized. The kids will soon be needing help with school projects, and of course it's never too early to begin all those great handcrafted holiday gifts. These creative storage solutions will keep everything neat, tidy and easy to find. Begin by determining how much actual space you'll need … [Read more...]