Speed-Speed-Decluttering for Your Kansas City Home

Kansas City home storage

Life is so busy these days it's hard to find time to just keep up with basic housekeeping chores. But reducing clutter in your Kansas City home is easy with these tips that take 15 minutes at most to accomplish. Sort through all those coupons, receipts, and recipes hanging on the fridge, bulletin board or message center. Toss what's expired and … [Read more...]

5 Things You Really Don’t Need to Keep

home organization

Often it's so hard to know what to keep and what to get rid of when reducing clutter in your Kansas City home. And many times things you don't think you can live without are the first ones that need to be donated or tossed. Remember back when you were gung-ho about learning to play golf? You played twice, put the clubs in the closet, and they … [Read more...]

Beautiful Closets Aren’t Just for Women


When it comes to closet design, the space for a woman's wardrobe is given top priority. Men also having clothes to manage, and deserve a well-thought out space for everything from suits to sportswear. For the businessman with a varied tie collection include a dedicated tie rack. Install bright over the rack lighting so the ties both become the focal … [Read more...]