Organize Kids’ Fun in Your Garage


Your garage was so tidy and organized until you had kids. Between lawn equipment, tools, seasonal holiday decor, and now all their toys and sporting gear, that once neat space needs some help. Begin by setting up zones inside the garage. One area for tools, one for lawn equipment, and then one for the kids' stuff. Most experts recommend making the kids … [Read more...]

Have a Plan to Make Sure Clutter Actually Leaves


When it comes to reducing clutter in your Kansas City home you begin with the best of intentions. You do everything the experts here at California Closets-Kansas City suggest. But then you look around and there is still stuff everywhere! How do you ensure you make it to the next step which is actually getting the clutter out the door? When it comes to … [Read more...]

Murphy Beds: Perfect for Intermittent Needs

Murphy beds

Invented back in the early 1900's, over the years Murphy Beds have ebbed and flowed in popularity. Now as lifestyles and housing needs change, Murphy Beds have made a major comeback. Convert the kid's old room into a much needed home office and still have a convenient guest room by adding a Murphy Bed. No longer is an entire wall required since today's … [Read more...]