Built-in Storage Can Completely Transform a Living Room


The latest trend in custom built storage in Kansas City is compositional cabinetry and shelving which can easily be mixed, matched and placed exactly were needed. These newest design units offer a plethora of opportunities for creating storage opportunities throughout your entire home. Taking their cue from the popularity of floating shelves now … [Read more...]

Steps to Make Your New Year Organization Easier


So often people procrastinate beginning a project simply because they don't know where to start. These smart organizing tips can help no matter how much clutter you have to deal with. Begin by prioritizing what part of your home needs help first. The foyer, den or kitchen should be taken care of before a little used guest room or formal living … [Read more...]

Keep Your Home Free of Unnecessary Purchases by Breaking Bad Habits


We all tend to make unnecessary purchases because of bad habits we developed throughout our lives. Reducing clutter in your Kansas City home can be simple when following these steps. Traditional Closet via Houzz Avoid shopping when you're bored. This leads to shopping as passing time rather than when you need something. This can cause you to spend money … [Read more...]